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Patient Testimonials

“At first I was a little worried that I would feel everything-because of my past history of being “hard to numb” and being very anxious. Dr. Hamblin assured me that he would do everything in his power to keep me out of pain. During my “sedation” there were two times that I felt pain and I was still conscious enough to let him know I was hurting. I can’t remember much than those two times. I have had really bad experiences with other dentists. My Mother and Father both are hart to numb as well and have anxiety when it comes to dentists. I highly recommend Dr. Hamblin and all his staff for the understanding and not judging me (why my teeth are so bad). They’re very caring and professional-I am very happy with my new dentist”. 
-Deborah 08/04/2015


“When I went to get my tooth pulled, I felt nothing and I felt comfortable and not norvous or anxious. This was a great experience and I remembered nothing”.
-Marcella 02/2015


No more anxiety about having my dental work done with the conscious sedation choices available at Brookside Dental! Dr. Hamblin and his staff are so supportive and understanding. I have recommended it to family members and friends! 
~ Rama 02/2007

My experience with IV Sedation was very positive. The procedure went very smoothly. Next thing I knew I was very comfortably waking up. I felt like it was no time at all that I was awake and ready to go ! I was able to carry on most of my activities the rest of the day and it felt like I was never sedated!
~ Linda 02/2007

There is nothing I enjoy less than going to the dentist office. Dr Hamblin gives me medication to take before I come in. He does IV Sedation while the procedures are done. I’d like to tell you how great it all is…but the greatest thing is I don’t remember any of it. It is much easier for me to go the dentist now because of this! 
~ Kent 02/2007

It was very nice, I slept most of the time and it was over before I knew it! Overall it was the best experience I have had at the dentist. I recommend this sedation especially of someone who has gag reflexes like myself. 
~ 10/2007

I have been putting off seeing a dentist for years because of a bad experience. Then I found out about IV Sedation, so I made an appointment. Everything went real smooth and I am so thankful for it!
~ 02/2007

I am a construction worker and work all hours of the day. I found that with Dr. Hamblin and the IV Sedation process I could make use of a longer appointment time to get most of my treatment completed in just one visit! This really was a great advantage to me only having to miss one day instead of several afternoons away from my job. Thanks to Dr. Hamblin and his staff for making my visit painless, comfortable and convenient for me! 
~ Clarence  03/2008

I was told to take an oral pill one hour before my appointment. I was given another one when I got to my appointment and I do not remember anything about the trip to the dentist!
~ 06/2008

All I can say is WOW! I used to have a fear of doctors, but now I love my dentist! The sedation was awesome. It is so nice to go to the dentist and be able to get a procedure done and be so relaxed and not be afraid.
Thank Dr. Hamblin!! x
~ Tawni 03/05/2008

My sedation experience was very nice. I’m not one that does very well when it comes to my teeth. With the sedation I was able to relax and not worry about what was getting ready to happen. In the future if I need anything done, sedation will be my first choice.
~ Elizabeth 10/09

It was with great fortune that I came to Dr. Hamblin and his great staff for my dental needs. When he told me about IV Sedation, it was an extra blessing because I was now able to have all my dental work done without the fear and anxiety connected with going to the dentist. Also, no pain was a great plus! I would highly recommend it to everyone.
~ Peggy 10/2009

My experience at Brookside Dental was excellent! I was having 2 wisdom teeth removed and was expecting the worst. Dr. Hamblin and his staff were very calming and friendly. The sedation process was very easy and the extractions were pain free. I will definitely be back to have my other 2 wisdom teeth extracted. Thanks again to the whole staff.
~ Skye 11/03/2009

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