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The magic of sedation dentistry is in the medications.  Versed, a  medication used daily in medical out-patient procedures is amazing!  It has 3 effects that makes dentistry very easy; for even the most anxious patient.

1. The medication causes tremendous relaxation.  Most patients are so relaxed that they do fall asleep during the procedure, but unlike being “put to sleep” this is a sleep during which you will at all times remain responsive to requests.  We continually are monitoring your responsiveness and your oxygen levels to ensure that you are safe.

2. Amnesia!  This may sound a bit scary, but rest assured that this applies only to the few minutes during which the medication is working.  This is the key to the magic of Versed.  Even though the patient may be awake and aware of what is going on, most patients forget most of the appointment.  As far as they were concerned they were “put to sleep”, but in reality they just forgot what happened.  Read some of our testimonials and you will soon understand what this does for our patients. 

3. Decreased pain and better anesthetic.  We do still use local anesthetic while you are sedated, but I have found that even with patients who in the past may have been difficult to numb, once they are sedated the anesthetic works much better.  This provides you with a very comfortable experience.  

Many dentists offer oral sedation, but in my experience I have found that IV sedation is far superior.  The IV allows us to precisely control the amount of medication that we use to get the exact effect to make your experience as positive as possible.  If you are anxious about IV’s we can use the oral sedation to help you prepare for the appointment. 

This service we provide at Brookside Dental is convenient for those who have fear and anxiety at the dental office. It is also beneficial for those who have a difficult time coming to multiple dental appointments or have a hard time tolerating long procedures.  

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