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Tooth Colored Fillings

fillingsWhite fillings are an attractive alternative to traditional metal fillings when restoring teeth.  They do not stand out visually like metal fillings, but match your teeth and are virtually undetectable.  It is a white, durable, composite resin which comes in subtly different colors and shades so our dentists can choose what best matches your natural teeth.  They are done in one visit, in a procedure much like that for metal amalgam fillings, except that a blue curing light is used to bond and harden the composite material to the tooth.

Even though we primarily use white composite resins, in some instances a metal amalgam filling may be more suitable depending on the case.  There has been debate that amalgam alloys are toxic due to mercury being one of the ingredients, but according to the ADA and other extensive research and studies, it is considered a safe, durable, and biocompatible product.

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